“Fun Japanese Listening”: Japanese Listening Podcast

こんにちは!”FUN Japanese Listening” の ページへ ようこそ!

This is the Japanese listening podcast website for Japanese learners who would like to improve Japanese listening ability.

How to use this site:

1. Subscribe to this podcast ( I will explain how to do it later) and download the episodes.

2. From the menu above, click on the “Unit 1” button. Unit 1 focuses on dictation, which will help you listen precisely.

3. Go to each lesson page and download a question sheet.

4. Listen to the audio CAREFULLY

5. When you finish the task, download the answer sheet and check the answer. You can also download the translation sheet.

You can also use this Japanese listening podcast to improve your speaking. The best way is to repeat aloud the words that you hear. You can also read out loud an answer sheet.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to “FUN Japanese Listening” podcast is easy, quick and convenient. You only need to subscribe to it one time. After that, every episode is automatically downloaded so you won’t miss any. Once you download, you can listen to any episode anytime you want!

Click the “iTunes” icon on the right hand side (for PC) or down below (tablet or smart phone). It will navigate you to the iTunes preview page. Once you get there, click “view in iTunes” button. It will open your iTunes if you already have. If not, it will help you to setup. Once you get in to “FUN Japanese Listening” iTunes page, press “Subscribe” button below the name. That’s it!

I hope you like this Japanese listening podcast and find it useful. I would really appreciate it if you took a moment to leave your ratings and reviews on iTunes. It will help other Japanese learners to find this podcast and give me the enough strength to keep on posting!


12 thoughts on ““Fun Japanese Listening”: Japanese Listening Podcast

  1. ありがとうございます!
    All my congratulations for your site and Podcast ! They are very well done and very useful for learning Japanese.
    Will you continue to upload podcast regularly? I hope and expect them! (Paris-France)

    1. コメントをありがとうございます!
      That is lovely to hear that you enjoy this site and podcast! Yes, I will upload podcast regularly. Currently I have been working very hard to renew this site to make sure it would be easier to use. Hopefully in April 2015, I will show you the new podcast series! Hope you will enjoy them, too! Asuka

  2. Excellent, I’m pleased to hear that there will be more. The podcasts and materials are fun! Thank you!

    1. ありがとうございます!Thank you, David! I am really glad to hear that. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll upload the materials as soon as possible!

  3. Merci beaucoup pour ces nouveaux podcasts que j’attendais avec impatience! Ils sont très bien réalisés et rendent l’apprentissage du japonais bien plus facile.
    Thank you so much Asuka and all your team!

    1. Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire. Je suis tellement heureux d’entendre que vous aimez tant. Continuez à apprendre! Yes, I use google translation… 🙂 ありがとうございます!

  4. 本当にありがとうございます!このレッソんはとても有用です。日本語は楽しいです!Your podcasts are improving my skills a lot ~ please continue! ^_^

    -Ky, USA

  5. I know this is a bit weird to ask, but to beginners, it’s hard to write kana and kanji fast. Is it necessary to write immediately when hearing the native speaker speaks? Or stop the audio for a moment and fill in the gaps, and continue? I hope you’ll answer my question. I’m here struggling with it

    1. Thank you Lê Vy Khanh san, Yes, you can stop audio and write down your answer and continue! You can listen more precisely.
      If you’d like to listen and respond fast, repeat aloud what you hear without writing. In this way, you can mimic the sound of a native speaker. Hope it helps.

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